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What's New

Welcome to the DMI Web site!
The design of this site was executed by Yamamoto Moss, a Minneapolis-based strategic design firm. For more information, please read the article about the redesign in the July issue of DMI News.

What's New in Conferences

New as of January 6, 1997:
We have updated the 1997 Conference Schedule.

New as of December 2, 1996:
We have added information about Building Global Partnership by Design: Enhancing Corporate Mission with Design Vision, scheduled for March 10 - 12, 1997, in Amsterdam.

What's New in Publications

New as of December 4, 1996:
We have added the November/December issue of the DMI Newsletter.

New as of December 4, 1996:
We have added the listings for the Design and National Policy issue of the Design Management Journal.

What's New in Membership Info

New as of October 18, 1996:
We have reorganized the About page, splitting it up into two pages, and added a page for the Institute Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

What's New in Links

New as of November 22, 1996:
We have made made a significant update to the Academic page, and minor updates to the Member, Business, and Association pages.

This document was last updated January 6, 1997.

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