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Publications from the Design Management Institute

Since it was founded in 1975, the Design Management Institute has contributed to the design manager's professional development, and helped advance the state of design management research and education. Simply put, we want to help our members do a better job. The body of literature that has been developed by the Institute now comprises the most complete collection of design management resources available today. Each Institute publication offers key information about trends and practices in design management, and provides the business person, academic, or student with a rich basis for research and study.

The publication listings found on this site include the following resources:

All Journal and Case Study listings now have subject keywords to assist you in locating the information most relevant to your research or area of interest.

The Center for Information is the arm of the Institute devoted to building, maintaining, and promoting these valuable resources. The Center also operates a library and reading room at our offices in Boston, Mass., containing a unique collection of books, periodicals, clippings, articles, and audio resources available for use by members of the Institute.

This document was last updated November 26, 1996.

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