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8th International Forum on Design Management Research and Education

"Fostering Strategic Design Cultures"

November 20-23 -- 1996 Barcelona, Spain

Organized by: The Design Management Institute

Hosted by: The Barcelona Design Center & IESE, Universidad de Navarra

The Design Management Institute is pleased to announce that the 8th International Forum on Design Management Research & Education will be held in Barcelona, Spain on November 20-23. The theme for this year's Forum will be Fostering Strategic Design Cultures. In explaining the theme, Mr. Earl Powell, President of the Institute, said, "Groups of people -- from small development teams, to corporations, to regions or nations -- all have norms, values, and ways of doing things. These components form their core beliefs and can be either formal or informal. Frequently, these embedded beliefs have a significant influence on design decision-making. A primary challenge for design management is finding a way to integrate a design consciousness into these core beliefs and cultures. This year's Forum will be guided by these issues, and have invited presentations, selected research papers, and focused discussions."

This year's Forum will include formal keynote speakers, as well as sessions devoted to paper presentations. Based on past experience, the Institute expects approximately 150 people to attend from more than 15 different countries. A selection of the papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be distributed to all attendees.

ORDER For further information on submitting a paper to DMI's International Forum in Barcelona, link here for criteria, deadlines and submissions process.

About the Forum

Founded by the Design Management Institute, the International Forum on Design Management Research & Education is an organization of researchers and teachers whose work embraces problems and issues related to the field of design management. The Forum's mission is to facilitate communication and encourage collaboration among its members; to encourage research that will result in practical applications in both education and practice; and to help members integrate design management issues into existing educational programs.

Over the past seven years, through meetings at the Harvard Business School, the Copenhagen Business School, Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ESCP/Paris, and the London Business School, the Forum has become the most important international arena for the sharing of research, teaching and practice in design management.

Research Advisory Council

Recently, the Institute's Research Advisory Council was formed to develop design management research priorities for the Institute and to guide and oversee the scholarly objectives of the Forum. The chair of the Research Advisory Council is Dr. Rachel Cooper, Director of Art and Design Technology, University of Salford, and cofounder of the European Academy of Design.

This document was last updated July 1, 1996.

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